1. Be clear on what your strengths are “if you don’t sell yourself to the interviewer no one will “ ....

2. As a project manager if your strengths are within planning :make a big deal out of it during your interview .Give examples inline with the description of the job you are applying for .

3. If you have additional strengths not mentioned on the job description but you know will be needed on the job talk about it during your interview.

4. Be clear on what you bring to the table :what advantage it is for them to recruit you. Why you are a perfect fit for the position.

5. Don’t wait to be asked what your strengths are before you talk about it .If it’s your strength then you should be passionate about it and let your potential employer know your value .

NETWORKING tips​​​​​​​
1. Understand what networking can do for your business
2. Remember all the great things you have to offer
3. Get prepared before you go, know your audience
4. Know where to find good networking opportunities
5. Beat the nerves, because everyone else will be in the same boat